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Our discovery today is entitled “How Do I Begin”, by Chuckola. As the world is gripped by the Coronavirus pandemic, the track’s message of keeping calm and overcoming fear, losses, negativity, and heartbreaks due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic seems especially fitting in these uncertain times.
Chuckola has released a new music video for “How Do I Begin,” sharing his thoughts and expressing his emotions with the world. The inspiration for the song came from the Coronavirus outbreak and the saddening loss of so many lives, including one of Chuckola’s own family members.
“How Do I Begin” mixes a diverse range of music – the acoustic guitar, the synths beats and drums, the fixating piano, and other guitars in combination with his smooth vocals, which makes the song a pleasure to our ears. It also has the power to make you forget about the “outside” and have the energy to remain positive.
The music is quite good and very soothing to listen to and vibe with. So just relax at home and listen to Chuckola’s great song entitled “How Do I Begin”
“How Do I Begin” needs to be heard. Start playing it as soon as possible: 

“How Do I Begin” is available now on YouTube. Follow Chuckola on Facebook and Instagram for more information and new releases.
Link to the music video:
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