Welcome to the-vizdumb for this second day of 2021. Yes, we are supposed to be on holiday, but we are still on the spot to discover the freshest track of this new year. We don’t want to miss any song.

Today our selection is “James Harden”, by RayyGlizzy An impressive and versatile rapper on his own, he also makes use of some trippy vocal effects that give the song an experimental, ethereal edge, truly in the spirit of a DIY project.

The song blends in melodic and soulful music, giving the track a sentimental backdrop that elevates the emotional power level. While RayyGlizzy’s rhyming skills are enough to stand on their own, what makes the song interesting is that it’s put together artistically and with genuine style. The man has good taste, and you can tell he really does put his heart into his music. There’s a coherent aesthetic vision here, and it works.

The audio quality is solid, even though the mix is intentionally organic. This jam is definitely fun to listen to, but I highly recommend checking it out.


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