Although this summer may not be the most memorable for many of us, emerging artist JAYJ’s new single “Talk Proper” has brought sunshine to our speakers and headphones.
With its energetic and lush production which infuses both electronic and experimental sounds, JAYJ has delivered the perfect song to help listeners balance their emotions. 
The song is such a beauty that it can heal your soul while you listen to it. This is how we felt when we were enjoying that musical jewel. Thank you for this extraordinary moment JAYJ .
While listening to “TALK PROPER”, we can imagine ourselves, back in Berlin during an underground club party, letting go of everything.
Live the experience now: 

Here is what JAYJ has to say about the song.” honestly the song wasn’t planned at all. Crick played the beat randomly during our session and the hook just kinda came to my head. the song has that vibe that just makes u feel urself ya know. It’s definitely a good vibe for any party or just having a good time. there’s definitely a little bit of angst in the verses. Crick and I kind of had a chip on our shoulders while doing the verses, we were just talking our shit haha”


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