The emerging artist Roseblud has unveiled his new single “Miss Sunshine”— a soulful jam with beautiful vocals and bright energy, in collaboration with the talented Damien Bleus.

We immediately fell in love with Roseblud’s voice. His vocal performance brought us away from reality: an exceptional musical journey. 

“Miss Sunshine,” is a soulful, warm and upbeat love song. The track is off Roseblud’s upcoming debut album, Mood Ring, set to release later this year.

With warm guitar melodies, soulful crooning, courtesy of Damien Bleus, and smooth emotive rap verses from Roseblud, “Miss Sunshine” captures the joy in the beginning stages of a romantic relationship. While this single in particular is cheery and upbeat, Roseblud’s upcoming album is in reality a journey through a toxic relationship. “Miss Sunshine” represents a stage of bliss and infatuation with a romantic partner, and highlights the idea that even the lows of an unhealthy pairing can still have euphoric highs.

Through this upcoming album, Roseblud hopes to use his personal experience to help those currently going through any stages of an unhealthy relationship notice red flags and protect themselves from situations that could leave them exposed to a toxic environment. Ultimately, through Mood Ring, Roseblud aims to promote self-love, self-awareness, and self-protection to his listeners through his funky, upbeat, and vulnerable music.

Listening to it is adopting it, regardless of our musical tastes, and we predict a bright future for Roseblud. An artist that you need to have in your playlist right now:

“Miss Sunshine” available now on all major platforms. For more information on Roseblud follow him on Instagram.

Link to the single:

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