Like many people, you may be looking for a moment of warmth on a cold day. Even if we can do nothing for you in terms of weather, we still have the possibility of delivering you a musical interlude which will allow you to get out of the moment.

Let us introduce you to the new visual for “No Love”, a positive song that will help you see the world from a different eye. St. Petersburg R&B/hip-hop artist, Taj, releases his latest single, “No Love,” a tender story about police brutality and racial injustice.

 As is obvious from the title, the song makes a social statement about profiling and police brutality. However, the music itself isn’t what you’d expect and not your typical “in your face” protest song. It’s more of a synth-driven, avant-garde, ambient collage that’s both thought-provoking and quite enjoyable to listen to. 

The message doesn’t focus specifically on racial profiling but rather takes aim at police profiling of all kinds. This makes the track more accessible since a wider variety of people will be open to hearing the message. 

By enveloping his ideals subtly in the musical mix, the words have a subconscious effect. This trippy and atmospheric “No Love” style of the anthem I believe will become more prevalent in this younger generation, whom this form of communication resonates well with. 

A powerful music video for “No Love,” which brings Taj’s verses to life, is available on YouTube.

“No Love” is available now on Apple Music and all other major platforms. Follow Taj on Instagram to stay updated on future releases.
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