“Personal” is, without, a doubt, the song of your day. Once you hear it, you get immediately addicted. Indeed, if you need a quality musical break, this song singed by Davon!, is undoubtedly what you need. 

 The songs combine elements of pop music and moderately paced hip hop vocals. The artist has a smooth delivery with a good sense of timing. His voice really does flow well, and the surprisingly detailed lyrics keep the listener engaged with the material. 

Despite a strict religious upbringing, Davon! grew up with a love for music. From dancing around with no music playing to writing his first song at age 10, Davon!’s dream has always been to be a singer. 

He continued to pursue his dream by writing songs all throughout his childhood, even though he knew his religion wouldn’t allow a career in music. When Davon! and his immediate family left the religious organization in 2018, he was free to finally pursue his passion for music more seriously and had the support of his family to help on his journey

It’s hard to imagine anyone listening to this song and not seeing an immediate improvement in their mood. Davon! can actually sing, too. His bright and soothing vocals drive the track, and he doesn’t rely on any smoke and mirrors. Framed by a light beat and fresh electric piano, his voice conveys sentimental reassurance, and the listener can sense that every lyric is sung with a smile

The backing music is vibrant, upbeat, and ethereal. Lyrically speaking, there’s a lot of substance here, as Davon! really does convey a detailed narrative of what he went through.

Listen to “Personal” HERE.

“Personal” is available on all major platforms. Follow  Davon! on Instagram to keep up with him and other future releases.
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