Are you ready for a moment out of the earth? In a beautiful musical journey that will make you forget about everything? Well, just lay down and enjoy “Succulent” by The Sometimes Island.

The song is about unconditional love, an ode to our relationships with those that we take care of when they can’t take care of themselves. The lyrics were inspired by adopting a rescue pet. The way we treat others is a reflection of our own capacity to love.

The vocals of Matt Blankenship Jr is phenomenal. He has one of the better voices I’ve heard in recent memory and gives a technically strong and endearing performance. The tone of the track is balanced out nicely.

Soulful sound, perfect, and unique vocal performance. The track is a true gift and is splendid from start to finish. Production quality is top-notch, and the mix is brimming with sonic detail. Matt Blankenship Jr is obviously a gifted songwriter, and everything is weaved together here masterfully.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think “The Sometimes Island” is a very marketable band. They have a memorable name and slick aesthetics. “Succulent”  is a decent and catchy pop song that grows on you with each subsequent listen. There’s something worthwhile here.

Listen to “Succulent” right now:


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