As a music magazine, our goal is to discover the sound of tomorrow. One of our mission is to put forward artists that create out of the beaten tracks with the ability to create something different.

Well, today we did not fail and our discovery undoubtedly meets our expectations: Rayne Muzik releases his 4th solo project, “Sudden Touch.” Rayne Muzik mixes 80’s nostalgia sound with modernity that compares to today’s top 40 hits, allowing “Sudden Touch” to defy your expectations and leave you wanting more.

When asked about this new journey, he says “This pandemic has been tough for many families, even my own, but it has also brought joy to my life, now being a first-time father to an amazing daughter, it has given me the time to re-evaluate and start a new chapter in my life. This is really where my new solo project formulates, it is for my daughter and the fans that appreciate it.”
 We were captivated by the rhythm, the atmosphere between electronic, downtempo sounds, and pop influences. It sent us back to the 80s! What a pleasure, an amazing musical journey with replay value. 
The synth backing often creates the impression at first that you might be listening to a high energy, radical 80′s dance jam. Then the light hip hop / RnB singing kicks in and you get a sense of the eclectic mix. The combination of groovy, seemingly retro-styled dance tracks with Rayne Muzik’s smooth and assertive lyrical delivery gives these songs an original style. Rayne Muzik has carved out his own niche here and continues to develop himself as a true artist.
You have to live the experience. Listen to “Sudden Touch” right now:

“Sudden Touch” is available now on YouTube and all other major platforms. Check out Rayne Muzik on Instagram and Facebook.
Link to the project:
Social media links:


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