Our discovery of the day is Messiah’el Bey. His musical expertise is just perfect for this weekend after a night out, cold, shy, sunbeam – just the remedy we needed to warm our hearts.

Bey’s new single “Love Kiss Dance” proves that he is part of the rising music scene and a star in his own right. This is one song that we keep on repeat and never get tired of hearing it. The track is a melodious instrumental with an old school flare, a perfect level of production and a sound we fell in love with…

Love Kiss Dance is laced with a smooth RnB voice sample. Many of Bey’s new tracks contain a high standard of synth work that adds a level of sophistication to his music and has become a staple part of his production. At first, the synth backing in Love Kiss Dance creates an impression that you might be listening to a high energy, radical 80′s dance jam. 

Put the light hip hop / RnB kicks in and you get a sense of Bey’s latest fusion. It’s a retro dance track with Messiah’el Bey’s that is bond to strikes a chord with a post-modern generation. Messiah’el Bey has carved out his own niche here and continues to develop himself as an artist.

The music video for Love Kiss Dance is great and raises the bar for dance music. Enjoy the music video:


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