Our focus of the day is a delight for our ears. He goes by the name of and is TheKidszn among those surprising artists. 

With his latest release “Ride For Me”, he proves that creative artists still exist. He delivers a genre-blending track between pop, RnB, and touches of old school synth notes. This song has so much feeling in it. Music made from the heart. 

The vocal delivery style is versatile and melodic, ranging from casual to exciting. It’s a collaborative effort, and everyone adds their own unique flavor to the sound with their contribution. 

The melody becomes quite catchy after a couple of listens as well. This single has a dreamy musical flow, and the beat has a nice boom to it. I would imagine this jam would sound even better in the car with the bass cranked up.

You would have understood it, TheKidszn’s music is characterized by infectious vocals and modern beats while telling honest stories. Definitely an artist you should keep an eye on as he is on the right path. 

“Ride For Me” is now on repeat in our Spotify playlist, and we are sure that you will get addicted too:


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