“SOVEREIGN D” by Dilyer Stevens becomes one of the TOP songs from a Mozambican with the Most Monthly listeners on Spotify


Surpassing the record of the artists (King cizzy, Laylizzy, Tamyris Moiane,Hernâni, Mark exodus, Bander,shabba, Jay arghh, djimetta,Dygo, Liloca, lizha james, Marllen, Hot blaze and more) with 10,000 monthly listeners Dilyer Stevens “SOVEREIGN D” is sitting right next to Clayton David and Mr bow with 10000 monthly listeners
only 1000 more streams and Dilyer will become the Mozambican artist with the most monthly listeners on Spotify.

Dilyer released a impressive batch of musical gem The singer’s first release, SOVEREIGN produced by Nic and written by Dilyer sees the singer begin an intriguing new musical chapter.
In an Instagram post coinciding with the single release, Dilyer notes: “Last year I spent a lot of time honing in on who I am, what I want to say, and what societal parameters I’m not subscribing to. This helped me be a better musician, write more honestly, and become a more grounded person tbh.”
He adds: “Going forward, it will be very hard to box me into a genre. It will be impossible to see me as just one thing. I couldn’t be more excited about that – and I think you’re going to love it.”
In the song the king, sing: “Please just leave, joy I need you, I changed my mind all over again, I’ve got you running fast now, Running fast and I’m waiting..” against simmering electronic-flavoured production. The singer’s vocals are gorgeously textured packing a rich emotion into each line of the track.

Hailing from Mozambique , DS, is a singer, songwriter, and producer who is captivating listeners with his unique, genre-defying style on his recent track, “SOVEREIGN ”. As a Black performer, DILYER is familiar with battling expectations and defining his own rules without compromise or conforming to anything other than his own vision. One of Dilyer main goals is normalizing his existence and experiences as a man by sharing himself and his art through music, showcasing a different perspective than the ones frequently shown in popular media. Combining influences from mainly Pop and R&B, Dilyers track is as catchy as it is smooth, showcasing his powerful vocals and talent for melody.  

“ SOVEREIGN “ kicks right off with dark, muffled production that gives an edge to Dilyers lyrics as he invited you into his intimate inner thoughts.

Congratulations Dilyer!


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