Tara Sutaria looks stunning in a black satin crop top and a little skirt.

There’s one thing we can’t seem to get out of our heads: the tiny skirt. Summer, you look great on us, and we’re loving how we’re getting lost in this glossy world with so many adorable combinations. Listen up, fashionistas: say goodbye to hours of browsing because we’ve got enough inspiration to make you appear beautiful this season, and no, we’re not going to make you obsess over a bright ensemble.

We’re here for a classic pairing that has a bit too much clout. Consider ourselves spoiled, since it’s all about having a style that can stand out like it was designed to do so. Tara Sutaria is out there promoting her film, which is slated to hit theatres this week. It’s also a certainty that she’s busy showing that all of her outfits are equal parts glitz and oomph. Just in: The Heropanti 2 actress looked best-dressed yet again with a black satin crop with long sleeves and a close-neck that gave the effect of a cowl-neck element, further providing it with a loose fit.



This cosy piece was paired with a high-waisted little skirt after she kept her top basic but gorgeous. It had a basic black waistline and hem, while the centre fabric had animal print with two gold button-like details. The 26-year-old wore pointed-toe shoes with gold accessories including several rings and textured hoop earrings for her daytime look.




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