When you can’t stop listening to an artist, it’s because there’s something special, addictive. This is what happened with ‘The Organic Sounds ’, Jacob Ezra’s latest EP that we reviewed in a while is exactly what we craved for in a while.

The artist has announced this project to bring, for our greatest delight. From “Magic to “Speak Softly”. We had the privilege to hear this masterpiece, and it was just magnificent. The tracks contain the same magic formula: splendid acoustic instrumentation and emotional-driven melodies.

In this latest EP, The Organic Sounds, he demonstrates a quick-paced natural flow and exquisite timing. If we had to define Jacob’s music with conventional words, we would say that it is the definition of ART. When music meets with our feelings and brings us straight to an unknown world. his voice has a smooth and pleasantly hypnotic vibe. His delivery is brimming with delicate sensitivity and professional craftsmanship.

The cinematic synth melodies are surprisingly catchy, The sounds are just very well put together. Listening to this 6 track masterpiece will definitely perk up your mood and activate the senses. 

Dive into The Organic Sounds now:


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