1.How are you coping up with your contemporaries as the digital world is very dynamic and competitive?

Answer – I’m coping by staying true to myself most people online don’t do that and it shows just stay genuine and it’ll work out. 
2.Tell us something about your deals?
Answer – I am an artist who sells music/beats to a lot of people in the online world. A lot of people come to me for beats because they know they are the best in the game.
3.According to many news magazines, you are the Digital Entrepreneur who is a make trend with his work. How you managed to earn this fortune?
Answer – I have managed to earn this fortune by simply having good music taste. I know if a beat is good within the first 10 seconds so I know if it’ll sell or not and I know what people want from many different Genres.
4.So do you think that you have accomplished everything you wanted?
Answer – No I have just started it’s only going to be up from here I have many big goals and they’ll take a while to accomplish but this is the first step. 
5.What suggestions would you like to give to upcoming digital marketers? 
Answer – Stay humble to yourself, be genuine and surround yourself with people who are A. Doing the same thing or B. People who encourage and uplift you help with the workflow and you’ll be more focused and locked in.


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