Coming straight from Tampa FL, the rapper “BigGuySky” delivers an outstanding rap flow built over a dark and intense production. From the first notes, “Against Me” blew our minds away.BigGuySky is now on our list of the 2021 Top artists.

Soulful with blues hint melodies, groovy bass, flawless musical realization rocked by motivating lyrical content ‘Against Me is the track that is a true gift and is splendid from start to finish.

BigGuySky is obviously a talented musician, and he manages to convey his sentiments within songs that are actually enjoyable to listen to. His presentation is sincere, yet artful. He recognizes the sensitivity and approaches them in a way that isn’t abrasive or alienating.

The track is really creative as we can also hear the modern and actual types of sounds, like twisted/sampled elements. We’re not really worried that it won’t be an amazing single. Check out his addictive track below.


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