Although summer is ending and fall is near may not be the most memorable for many of us, emerging artist’s new single “Last Ride” by Thewildcard has brought sunshine to our speakers and headphones. Our team selected this as one of our favorite tracks for our redaction and we do not regret it.

Between pop and rap experimentation, and unveiling magic and gorgeous vocal performance, melodies out of this earth, “Last Ride” completely blew our mind away, by the artist.

I could see this being used in commercials, as it seems to hit all the right emotional marks for that market. While the song starts off rather mellow, it builds into a surprisingly super climax. Anyway, it’s clear this guy has the chops to make it big. This song is already pretty much there.

Thewildcard’s sound blurs the lines between rap and pop. A young rapper/singer/songwriter, Wildcard aims to create a sound free of genre limitations. We know it when we listen to something special, and “Last Ride” enters this category. It immediately grabs your attention and haunts you.

Stream it now and enjoy:


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