Today, we are glad to introduce you to our best discovery of the weekend, the perfect musical gift to start the day on the right feet. Singer-songwriter Fidelis has just released a little jewel entitled “Want This”.

In an area where artists all sound the same and create with machines, there is nothing better than a beautiful song that will make you disconnect from reality. Fidelis takes you on a beautiful musical break, effortlessly rocked by addictive vocals.

 “Want This” is without a doubt the song of the weekend thanks to its pure melodies, a cloud of pleasant sounds. You are trapped in a magnificent nostalgic ballad, filled with a positive message.

“Want This” is a soulful ballad about a vow Fidelis made to himself to keep pushing forward for what he desires. It’s a song inspired by his own struggles not only as an artist but as a person trying to figure things out.

 The song tells a story of pain that is familiar to anyone who is attempting to achieve their dreams even when the challenges seem overwhelming. The lyrics allow the listener to reflect on their own journey over a calming guitar loop. 

The single will be Fidelis’ first release as a recording artist which he is set to follow up with more singles and an EP during the first half of 2021.

Press play right now and enjoy this rare musical moment:


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