CEO Chino Marley is a multi-talented artist coming straight from “Atlanta.” With his latest two singles and visual release of “Blocc Sh*t” and “Shoot Yo Shot”, CEO Chino Marley unveils a short film and showcases all his talent to tell stories, using flow and spoken words. 
Both the song and the video clip made us escape from our daily routine, the song blends hip-pop music with touches of pop as well as a beautiful dose of experimentation. 
We make sure to keep an eye on him, we are sure that he will have a promising future. And believe us! We can feel it when an artist has something special…
We fell in love with the first notes of his song “Blocc Sh*t”.
CEO Chino Marley is someone who makes music, just music, simply and purely, with rare creativity and amazing fluidity. We call it talent! 
Checkout “Blocc Sh*t” on Youtube:

“Shoot Yo Shot” is probably the dopest rap track we have heard for a while! 
Thank you CEO Chino Marley! You gave us hope. The hope that yes, people can Rap and make real music! “Shoot Yo Shot” is just proof of it and is perfect for the beautiful days. 
Watch it now:

CEO Chino Marley grew up between Birmingham, AL, and New Orleans, LA. From a young age, he loved music and would rap for his teachers. He also had a fascination with computer technology, often taking things apart and eventually teaching himself how to read wires and put them back together, using this same inquisitive, observational approach to write his insightful and penetrating lyrics. 
Growing up without a father figure, Chino ended up turning to the streets, until a prison cell prevented him from witnessing his child’s birth. Since then, he’s focused on his music and entrepreneurship, while putting fatherhood at the forefront of his life. Chino has toured around artists like Lil Jon, Mike Epps, and Pretty Ricky. Now based in Atlanta, he has recently been named Southeast Independent Awards’ 2020 Male Hip Hop Artist of the Year.
The artist who already attracted thousands of people on his work is ready to make a name in the industry. You should keep an eye on Chino before he becomes global. Thank you, Chino, you made our day!
Link to the Music Video: (Shoot Yo Shot Music Video):
Link to the Music Video (Blocc Sh*t):
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