Raise your wand, Potter heads!

Harry Potter is a film series based on the Seven Novels written by British author Joanne Kathleen Rowling who is known by her Pen name, J.K Rowling. The film portrayed the story of an Orphaned boy named Harry Potter who became acquainted with the fact that he belonged to the wizarding world on his eleventh Birthday. His journey on becoming the finest wizard comprised his struggles against VOLDEMORT, a dark Wizard who intends to become immortal and desired to rid the Magical World from the Muggle-born Wizards and Half-Blood wizards like him.

There is no doubt that the Casting of Film stars in Harry Potter was incredibly selected which made the audience love each and every character in the Series. But, unfortunately the sudden demise of some of the actors made the Potterheads reduced to tears.

Alan Rickman- Severus Snape.

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman (1946 – 2016) was known for his incredible role as Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter Franchise. An amazing yet a complicated character executed by the actor stunned the readers as well as the spectators by the end of the story. The unfortunate Death of the Actor horrified one and all especially the Potter Heads. He died of Pancreatic cancer on January 14, 2016 at the age of sixty-nine.

He was the only actor who was told about Snape’s future by the author herself but never revealed to anyone. HOW SURPRISING IS THAT,ISN’T IT?

Raise your wand everyone for Alan Rickman!

“After all this time? Always!”

 Richard Griffiths – Vernon Dursley

Richard Griffiths (1947-2013) an exceptional actor who played the role of a merciless, biased, unsympathetic Uncle of the Boy Harry Potter in the Series. As a character of “Uncle Vernon“, he was hated by the readers and critics which proves that he played the role unbelievably well.

He died at the age of 65 in 2013. The news of his demise was confirmed by his agent Agent Simon Beresford who announced  that Griffiths died a day earlier of complications following heart surgery at University Hospital in Coventry, central England.

John Hurt- The Wandmaker Mr. Ollivander.

Sir John Vincent Hurt (1940-2017) was an English actor who came to prominence for his role as Garrick Ollivander in the Series who was also a BAFTA- winning actor. He portrayed the character of a half-blood proprietor of Ollivanders in Diagon Alley who was known as the best wand maker across the world. The actor passed away on 25th January 2017 after being treated for Pancreatic cancer.

Hurt was regarded as one of Britain’s finest actors; Director David Lynch described him as “Simply the greatest actor in the world”

Verne Troyer- Griphook.

Verne Troyer (1961-2018) was an American actor who played the role of Griphook in the first movie “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. He did not reprise for his role in the second part of the “Deathly Hallows” and was ultimately replaced by Filius Flitwick.

Unfortunately, Troyer took his life on 21st April,2018 at the age of 49 in a Hospital at Los Angeles, California. His death was ruled by alcohol poisoning. He was addicted to Alcohol which costs his life.

Helen McCrory-Narcissa Malfoy.

Helen McCrory(1968-2021) one of the most versatile British actress who was popular nationwide for her 2009 role as “Narcissa Malfoy” and recently for the Peaky Blinders died in 2021 at the age of 52. Her demise saddened the fans of Harry Potter and the fans of Peaky Blinders. Her Husband Damian Lewis announced the news on Social Media.

Ms. McCrory was a familiar face to London theater audiences and to British television and film viewers well before she won wider recognition in the Harry Potter movies. She won many awards and was the audience favorite.

From Richard Harris who played the role of Dumbledore to Narcissa Malfoy played by Helen McCrory, the sudden deaths of many Legendary actors we have ever known has saddened one and all of us. Besides, the actors mentioned above, there are many legends who are longer with us. I personally want everyone reading this to remember them in our hearts forever and ever. Always!

“How people die remains in the memory of those who live on”

– Dame Cicely Saunders



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