Jacari Moore is our best surprise of the day, based in Los Angeles. He is an upcoming artist who loves creating music and feels love for his creation. He is working on a track called “hate” which is definitely going to be a banger ready to make waves in the international music industry and that will place the artist among the most creative of the latest years. 

In an area where many rappers sound similar, Jacari Moore showcases his unique creativity. He offers through his sound a new kind of hip-hop music coming from another planet.

He goes by the name of Jacari or Cari as well, he is a hip-hop rapper who makes music with his own recipe: a recipe made of hip-hop, sound experimentation, and psychedelic visuals.

Jacari Moore deserves his place among those outstanding and creative rappers like Asap Rocky and Tyler The creator to only name a few, who bring the music industry to higher levels.

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