“Chapstick” is our musical discovery of the week. If you are looking for a little musical addiction, the perfect track to accompany your days, this song by Huntington sounds like perfection. The singer, songwriter, producer, Huntington has what you need.

His first solo project, a pop single titled, “Chapstick.” is an energetic dance song, with a contrasting personal message. Written in the middle of quarantine, Huntington shares the fears and painful feelings of a recent breakup, the thought of them with someone else, and the potential reality of not finding someone new.

The vocals are clearly what drives the track and Huntington’s voice manifests as the perfect balance between working-class charisma and his sentimentality. He is actually a very good singer and doesn’t employ any production tricks to mask deficiencies in skill (because there are none.)

Stylistically, the song gives off some light bluesy vibes while retaining a slightly upbeat and positive message. Chapstick seems to slow time for us at a particular point, to give us a break to enjoy the moment

 “Chapstick” is ultimately a kind of meditative lullaby for the soul. Not the kind of lullaby that will actually put you to sleep, but the sort which will lull you and your partner into a shared state of momentary reflection, giving you each the chance to appreciate what’s right in front of one another.

Its “end of summer” vibe makes it the perfect addition to your playlist right now.

“Chapstick” is available now on SoundCloud and all other major platforms. Follow Huntington on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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