We say it over and over, this is so rare nowadays to hear rappers with flow, creativity AND technique. So when we find this, not only we are excited, but we also get addicted.

This is what happened with “”Break It Down” ”, by A.K.A THE TRUTH. This is the dopest track we have ever heard for a really long time. No doubt, no discussion.

The song is intense and impressive from start to finish. Not only because A.K.A THE TRUTH is a talented artist with multiple flows and artistic faces going from rap to singing, but also because nothing is left to chance: the production, the vocal and musical arrangements. “Break It Down” is fresh musical air.

This is exactly what we crave for: the flow goes so hard that we don’t get bored even one second while listening to “Break It Down”. We don’t even have the words, you just need to listen by yourself, loud and on repeat:

A.K.A THE TRUTH has created an appealing track that fits the current hip-hop sound and beyond. A production worthy of the greatest and entertaining flow, a sense of prose: A.K.A THE TRUTH has the experience that will lead him to the success. 

See by yourself and make sure to follow A.K.A THE TRUTH fascinating career HERE.


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