Saturday, almost the weekend, and always a crucial moment. Crucial because we want to make sure that before leaving the office, you will have your little addiction that will make our weekend. Mission accomplished for this Friday. We are glad to introduce you to Joe Hodgson. 

We discovered the instrumentalist and music composer thanks to his gem entitled “‘The One That Got Awayʼ ”. The track is off of his latest upcoming album, “Apparitions” which is set to release on 20th November 2020.

‘The One That Got Awayʼ is an instrumental track and is about the end of a long-term relationship and the feelings of regret and longing associated with that. A dose of the blues is often what it takes to write a track like this… But things do happen for a reason, even though it rarely feels like that at the time, and this track proves this.

The guitars are delightfully saturated in dreamy reverb and delay, while not being so drenched that the tone is overwhelmed. Joe’s obviously an accomplished guitarist, and his dynamic, note-bending style makes for a meditative and chilled listening experience. Just imagine yourself relaxing on a boat off the coast of Catalina while this is playing in the background. Good stuff.

When we discovered the track the first time, believe us that we were excited, we were jumping everywhere… We are pretty sure that you will feel the same. Discover “The One That Got Away” now: 


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