VIXEVERSA has dropped his latest single ‘FASTER’ from their latest Album “VVX” which is an outstanding jewel.

Kicking off with an insanely infectious melody infusing Rap and Hip-Hop and combining them together to create this upbeat track as the beat pushes through and the pace gets quicker. Having that steady flow between the rhythm and the vocals as the Rap comes in quick.

It’s one of the songs that will get stuck in your head, with the way the Rap continuously keeps that fast pace and collides alongside all of the elements that come with this track. As you can listen, you can clearly hear each word that is sung, even though sometimes the melody can tend to lead to distraction and take your attention from the actual Rap itself.

Creating lyrics that have this strong meaning, telling a story through the gentle Rap, adding in the feelings behind the words. Two diverse vocal ranges come into play here, ones very mellowed out, keeping it at that slow pace and tending to drag the words out. The other has more energy coming through, it’s rough and tends to pick up the pace in some spots.

If Hip-Hop is your thing and you like a super catchy Rap then be sure to check this one out.

Check out VIXEVERSA’s by heading over to YouTube now.


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