Cequan Peso is a forthcoming brilliant artist whose work we have quite recently found and the least we can say is that the rapper astonished us with his new single “Pain Away”, produced by KAZ THE GOD. There is a lot behind this including, his personal experience but prominently his melodic vibe, and sort mixing music between soul energy and RnB hits, his music is versatile & heartfelt.

This cutting-edge genuine RnB track is flawlessly melodic. The tormented nostalgia and delicate appeal in his vocals will in a flash charm you to  Cequan Peso. He has one of those delicately self-assured voices that appear to be worked for a heartfelt rap. The regret in the artist with depression shows every one of the feelings in this song. 

It joins natural captivating beats with surrounding, ethereal synths to make a brilliant and enchanting sound. At last, however, it’s his singing that is answerable for the enthusiastic wizardry in this chronicle, particularly where harmonies are utilized to improve the impact of his vocals. 

He has a work of art, amiable conveyance style that is suggestive of the extraordinary parlor artists. His voice is fragile and charming yet likewise strong and consoling, as he makes a request about what individuals go through after depression and the sensation of torment and being defenseless similar to how one can’t successfully get over it. 

The tune likewise has a heartfelt beat, where Peso offers a brief look at his actual melodic force level. The music video is obviously is full of motivation along with the beautiful piece which gives it meaning, its eye-opening and very brave of Peso to have a voice-over on such sensitive topics.

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