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Who is Ramil Ganjoo?

Ramil is an independent artist based out of Mumbai. Growing up in a house full of artists and having a knack for playing guitar from a very early age, he discovered music as a way of communicating his feelings. His EP ‘Gulmohar’ is covered by Rolling Stones India and is appreciated widely in the country.

Get to Know Self Taught Musician Ashu Shukla

Ashu Shukla is a self taught musician who writes and composes his own songs. An independent singer songwriter based out of New Delhi - His USP is simplistic catchy tunes that leave his fans humming long after.

Who is Vismay Patel?

Vismay is someone who wears many hats. He is a Music Composer, Producer, Singer, and even a songwriter, but he shares a special bond with composing.

Meet Vizdumb’s 5 Most Influential Young Indians of 2022

Here’s presenting Vizdumb’s 2022 new establishment list, featuring a set of young, original achievers who reflect the best of India’s youth and a dynamic economy on the rise. Meet Vizdumb's 5 Most Influential Young Indians of 2022

Get to Know The Upcoming Artist Ka$ai

1.Tell us about your new song? And what’s the story behind it?   This is my new ep it’s called Flame meets girl, and it is about a boy who thinks he found his...

Las Guapo Is An Artist You Need On Your Radar

Every day is a new day for us, as new talent enters the industry and establishes themselves. It's inspiring to watch the younger generation take their passion seriously and put everything they have into making it a reality.

Cashus King and Jeff Johnson II share new single “SIT CALM”

Hailing from sunny Los Angeles, underground mainstays Cashus King and  Jeff Johnson have shared a new single called “SIT CALM”.

Tara Sutaria looks stunning in a black satin crop top and a little skirt.

There's one thing we can't seem to get out of our heads: the tiny skirt. Summer, you look great on us, and we're loving how we're getting lost in this glossy world with so many adorable combinations. Listen up, fashionistas: say goodbye to hours of browsing because we've got enough inspiration to make you appear beautiful this season, and no, we're not going to make you obsess over a bright ensemble.

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