We have discovered the perfect song for the day. The song is entitled “Used 2 U”, by our duo of the day: Maxime x Glyn gives us this gift with their latest musical jewel.

A moment of simple and pure music, where guitar melodies heal your soul and your pain, and where both of the vocals make you feel safe. “Used 2 U” is an acoustic song, that we invite you to discover right now.
In a period where music is made with machines and electronic devices, “Used 2 U” is a luxury that we all needed, full of Love & Grace. 
“Used 2 U” is a little delight with a touch of melancholy:
Dive into “Used 2 U” right now: 

We invite you to discover their music right now and to discover our conversation with them below:
1. Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?

Our real names are Maxime Cathalina and Glyn Hoogvliets aka Maxime x Glyn.
2. Where are you from and Where are you based?
We were both born and raised in The Netherlands and we’re based in the area of Maastricht (which is located in the south of The Netherlands).
3. At what age did you start making music?
We both been into music our whole lives and we’ve known each other our whole lives. Back when we were kids we used to write songs on a crappy keyboard Maxime got for Christmas (like, really childish songs about going to school and hating math class and stuff lol). At the age of 15 we started taking classes (Maxime started taking singing classes and Glyn started playing the guitar). 
4. What genre would you consider yourself?
Hmm, we consider ourselves as alternative R&B with a touch of dreaminess lol. 
5. Tell us about your latest track or Video ( what is it all about)–Please explain the concept or message.

‘Used 2 U’ talks about the moment two romantic partners realize their relationship is dysfunctional. Deep down, they both know it’s better to say goodbye. However, they’re so used to having each other around and therefore they just keep holding on. 
6. If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?
Dang. So many! But definitely John Mayer and Frank Ocean. Those two are legends and such icons. WE LUV EM!
7.Where can fans find you? List all your social media links


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