Be ready to discover to start this new month on a good note thanks to our discovery of the day, A 9 track album entitled “Saturn Return” by Hargo.

A good way to describe the album is that it combines 80s electro backing music with late 90′s, angsty indie-rock vocals. The result is something powerful. This song really gets the adrenaline going. 

The soulful acoustic minimalism combined with the organic nature of these recordings gives the album a very intimate feel, as though you’re listening to someone performing right in your living room. I mean that in a good way since there’s nothing amateur about this music.

Musically, it’s very dynamic and juggles a lot of complex changes in pacing and tone throughout. It’s very quick-witted and unpredictable in that respect. From a technical standpoint, everything is very precise and you can tell you’re dealing with a seasoned musician who really knows what he’s doing, even if this is sort of recording is inherently “experimental” in nature.

Listen Now : 



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