The Merricks is one of these artists who never stop surprising us all along 2020. Each release was a slap, an explosive discovery. 

We were waiting for a long length project, and we are glad to announce that he has dropped a new album entitled“Pulse”.

“Pulse” gathers in 12 tracks, everything that defines his talent and creativity: heavy sounds with flawless production, and this capacity to send the audience into a new and outstanding musical world.

Melodic and fast-paced, these songs offer listeners a bright, pulse-pounding ambiance that will appeal to a wide demographic of people. Having music that’s this accessible and fun is a great way to open up people to be receptive to a positive, spiritual message.

The Merricks is ready to triple his success for 2021 and we will make sure to keep you updated on each of his moves. Meanwhile, listen to the long-awaited “Pulse” right now:


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