Alleged YSL Co-Founder Turns Himself in on RICO Conspiracy Charge


An alleged co-founder of the YSL collective has surrendered to police.

According to WSBTV, Walter Murphy turned himself in on Thursday after he was named in a massive indictment, alleging he and other YSL associates participated in criminal street gang activity. Prosecutors say Murphy co-founded YSL along with fellow defendant Young Thug and a third individual who has not been identified. Though the state of Georgia describes the collective as an affiliate of the national Bloods gang, Murphy insists YSL is “more like a record label or a family.”

“Once upon a time I was actually a road manager on that label,” he told the outlet.

Murphy, Thug, and 26 other people are accused of violating Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. Other defendants include rappers Gunna, YSL Duke, Yak Gotti, and Unfoonk. Murphy is facing a single count of RICO conspiracy; but, as WSBTV points out, the 88-page indictment also accuses him of aggravated assault as well as being involved in an attempted murder involving four people.

Murphy and his attorney confirmed he pleaded guilty to those crimes years ago and has since served his time “like a man.”

“I spent seven years in prison,” Murphy said. “While I was in prison, you know, I stayed out of they way and I just got my GED, completed all my classes, completed the transitional center. I transitioned back into … the world. I got me a job at the transitional center.”

Though he now has a new legal battle on his hands, Murphy told the outlet he’s confident he’ll get through the situation with “God and my faith.” 

“No matter what you did, whatever you think you’re a part of, you’re bigger than that,” Murphy said. “And you can overcome it.”

Thug, Gunna, and Gotti have since been denied bond.

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