Originality and surprise! This is what we are expecting from new artists today. Yes, we are bored by the same old codes, the same old sound. We want to hear something out of the box, something coming from other planets and never heard before.

ANTONI has the talent to create his own genre with the modern influences of LoFi, hip hop, and chill music of all sorts. our discovery of the day goes to his latest offering, a track entitled “RACKS CALLING”.

 In most respects, this is a fairly straightforward R&B vibe, that progresses methodically and deliberately. There are no gimmicks or funky quirks. The futuristic synths which drive the beat are pleasantly hypnotic, and listening to this track can really get you into the zone.

This magic mixture gives beautiful tracks like “RACKS CALLING”, Check it out on  Spotify Playlist. “RACKS CALLING ” is the kind of track that will take you to a pleasant unknown new world.



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