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Our artist of the day is probably the best discovery of the whole week, and more. He creates an unreal musical and artistic world: his name is Kemper Grant, an artist from Oklahoma, and he incarnates everything that we admire in his new album: “Jungle”.
Pure. Divine. Rare. This is what we would choose if we had to describe in 3 words “Jungle”, Kemper Grant’s new album.
The 8-track album shows off Kemper Grant’s multi-faceted talents. Sounds on the song range from an upbeat and energetic to smooth and mild, from pleasant-sounding harmonics to ’80s disco. The variety of songs and sounds on this album makes it easy for everyone to vibe well with it.
The tracks are impressive from start to finish. Not only because Kemper Grant is a talented artist with multiple flows and artistic faces going from rap to singing, but also because nothing is left to chance: the production, the vocal and musical arrangements. “Jungle” is a fresh musical air.
The project blends with different genres which makes this album unique, tracks like “Round-a-Bout” and “Electra” for example. There is something for every taste while remaining consistent as Kemper Grant brings his own vibe to each of the tracks. A pleasure for the ears and the soul. 
The way the artist can mix Rnb with kind of 80s synth and a bit of pop is something we never heard. It is almost impossible to name specific genres. “Uber Ride to Cry” comes from the past, and send us to the future. 
Offering combinations of sensual echoes, intoxicating melodies, and a tender voice, the song called “Blind” has a certain beauty and delicacy as we feel that Kemper Grant puts all his heart when he sings, all his generosity.
He totally aroused our curiosity, and we are sure that you will feel the same:

Jungle is available now on all major platforms. Follow Kemper Grant on Instagram or visit his website for more information on the rising artist and his future releases.
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