Calling in Reinforcements: Man Can Summon Crows Whenever He Wants!


A video has recently gone viral on social media showing a man who appears to be able to summon crows at will. The man, who is dressed in a dark hooded cloak, can be seen in the video calling out to the birds and within seconds, a group of crows appear and gather around him.

The video has sparked a lot of curiosity and amazement from viewers who are left wondering if the man possesses some kind of mystical power or if there’s a more logical explanation for the phenomenon.

Some experts in the field of ornithology and bird behavior have suggested that the man may have trained the crows to respond to a specific call or gesture. Crows are known to be highly intelligent and can be trained to perform a variety of tasks, including recognizing faces and even using tools.

Others have suggested that the man may be using food to attract the crows, as these birds are notorious for their scavenging habits and are often attracted to sources of food.

Regardless of the explanation, the video has left many people in awe of the man’s ability to call forth a group of crows seemingly at will. It’s a testament to the fascinating and mysterious world of animal behavior and the wonders that can be found in nature.

While it’s unlikely that we will all develop the ability to summon crows like this man, we can still appreciate the beauty and complexity of the natural world around us. Who knows what other mysteries are waiting to be discovered?


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