Camila Colominas & Raelee Presents Hit Album “Heartbreak Hotel”


When it comes to talented young artists, Camila Colominas & Raelee is definitely one of the best. Indeed, few artists offer quite the same unique sound and talent that they bring to the music scene, and their passion is sure to strike a chord with anyone who listens to the album.

Their new album “Heartbreak Hotel” is a breath of fresh air if you’re looking to hear something pleasant, energetic, and original. 

The project unveils 8 outstanding tracks and an eclectic musical journey through RnB, Soul, and Pop elements. 

“Heartbreak Hotel” is generous and full of energy, we can feel Camila Colominas & Raelee’s passion for singing and this is totally contagious, and, refreshing! 

Listen Now:




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