The singer songwriter Liz Lokre  has just released a beautiful 3 songs EP entitled “Fire” and the project is just a musical paradise.

The opus opens with the wonderful “Where U Come From”, continues with “Fire Interlude” and perfectly ends with ” Edge”.

The songs on this EP are indeed very good, combining heartfelt sincerity with technical ability. There’s potential for this project to go a long way, but even just the artistic purity of it will brighten the listener’s spirits a bit.

The minimalist mix allows the listener to fully appreciate the caliber of musicianship, as everything is out in the open. There is nowhere to conceal or obscure any potentially weak links in the chain

FIRE brings new beginnings. In a time where resilience is more necessary than ever, there is strength to draw from the embodiment of this element. This project explores themes of healing, purpose, and exploration of identity.”

This track is meant to encourage listeners to refect on and pay homage to their own sources of strength, whether that be through bloodline or personal connection. W.U.C.F. shines a light on the immigrant story and the power that comes with embracing the stories of all those who paved the way.

Listen to “Fire” HERE.


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