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We discovered the singer Mike Crigs and Jared Anthony thanks to their latest offering, a mysterious song that blends pop melodies with hip-hop hints and memorable vocal performance.

“Moving Fast” is a new world to explore, a musical experience that will catch your attention and feelings from the first notes.  

True to the title, “Moving Fast” is about how we’re all moving at a rapid pace every day. The musical backing usually features a dramatic, guitar-driven beat, which keeps the action at a moderate level of intensity. Mike’s delivery is laid back and unique.

These upcoming artists have the energy that stands out thanks to a heavy and infectious production between the blending of genres and sound seems to be increasing in popularity with music fans, and vocal performances with unique signatures.

The track is an imaginative take on future hip hop, with smooth synths and banging beats that create a swelling, sultry edginess. Stream  Mike Crigs’s amazing new track “Moving Fast” ft Jared Anthony below.

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