Discovering rising hip-hop artist 33 Huncho and Swayze of EDC


A musician’s dedication and competitiveness will make him or her well-known in the music industry. Despite their persistent efforts, some artists in this city are disregarded. Only a select few persons have the ability to stamp a single mark.


The band “EDC” or “Every Dolla counts” has the potential to be the next big thing in music, delivering banger after banger and garnering popularity all over the world. His musicianship is stunning to the audience, and his enthusiasm is admirable.


Their recent new hit “Talk to me Nice” is perfection for moods like Chill vibes. The melody goes along with the meaning full lyricism with absolute beauty. The song, which is made by 33 Huncho and Swayze reflects their backstory into the song so that the listeners can get a quick insight into their struggles.


The three artists met by chance at a party while freestyling together and fell in love with each other’s poems. They didn’t spend any time and went straight into the studio. Their bars, flow, and vocals are all one-of-a-kind and uncommon.


The group is always attempting to create its impact in the Hip-Hop/Rap world while juggling school, athletics, and music. They create music that is relatable to women and men who did not grow up with handouts. EDC declares, “Our music is solely for the attractive chicks and the fly men.”


It’s intriguing to read about their history and how they got into the industry, as well as how they have amassed such a large fan base in such a short amount of time.


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