Discovering rising hip-hop artist Sha’von


Melodically skilled people have the possibility to go on a journey that will allow them to share their talents and bring everyone together, and not everyone sees it that way.


Instead, some people and groups pursue selfish ambitions in the pursuit of monetary and transient pleasures. Sha’von began his musical career with a single goal in mind: to write songs with a lot of creativity and to create his own wave.


When we talk about the incredible Sha’von, we can’t forget about all the projects that he has created which are getting a lot of response from his fans.  And one of his famous pieces of artistry is the song named “Moving in Silence”.


Moving in Silence has the power to motivate each and every one of us to work hard every day and put our all efforts in our work despite getting all the pessimistic responses throughout our life journey.


Making a name for yourself amidst the competitive and saturated crowd can be a flavorsome crowd. But Sha’von has been able to achieve it because of his versatility. Making his dreams into reality and working out in Silence are all the aspects that he is trying to convey through his song “Moving in Silence”. The name of the song itself gives us some hints about what the song has to tell us.


But we were fortunate that during our recent conversation he told us the reality behind the song. “The story behind this particular song is a real deal from myself being crossed and slept on, I released my last project and then was slept on and saw a lot of other artists get mentioned and receive high praise and I got nothing, I have seen people that I went to back for turn on me and go the other way, ones that I thought would be in my corner changed on me, but still I kept and keep on moving in silence because quite frankly I’m on a mission, a mission to get what’s mine and what they said I couldn’t have and to prove myself right and the naysayers and fakes completely wrong! “


His authenticity in making projects with different patterns is what we are all looking for. His songs have a story to tell and that is the real-life standpoint of music.  He tries to think out of the box so that he is not following the trends and has his own unique creation. This is why he is so well-known.


Sha’von is adding some visuals to the songs which will make it more intriguing. He is planning to drop a few more bangers which will be changing the music scene.


Sha’von follows the quote “Rome was not built in a day” and with this motto, he strives to achieve the dream in reality.


Stream “Moving in Silence” now


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