Discovery : 612.light Latest release “Wasted”


Every day, we uncover new musicians and artists in order to keep your list full of creative and dedicated individuals that create music for musicophilia, so that music can be your comfort and help you overcome the challenges of this hectic existence.


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day listening to our new musicians who are paving the way for them to achieve their goals! We’ve returned with a new finding after our hunt. He goes by the moniker 612.light, and he recently released the single “Wasted.”


This song, performed by 612.light, begins with a great guitar opening, sick rhythms, a dynamic vibe, and an engaging hook. This is what we refer to as a “banger.”


The musician welcomes you on a smooth and exquisite voyage via sounds and highly remarkable lyricism with his new project, “Wasted.” While listening to 612.light’s music, we enjoyed an authentic and unusual experience.


It allowed us to physically disengage from reality by presenting a musical experiment that we rarely hear these days. “Wasted,” a musical gem, is currently one of our favourites. The song can now be found on Spotify.


Stream it now and enjoy


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