“Criminal Threats” is without a doubt, the project of your day. You will adopt it from the first track. Indeed, if you need to disconnect from your daily routine, to immerse yourself in a quality musical break, this opus signed “Mikem Nahmir” is exactly what you need.
The 9 tracks unveil an authentic moment of hip hop that navigates between Lo-Fi sound, some experimental touches, as well as jazzy melodies. We also admire the creativity. The project is about the sutuation black people are facing in America and it stands out from what we usually hear, and that is exactly what we expect from artists: to bring new experience on the table. 
What Mikem Nahmir does effectively with most of the songs on this album is start them off low key and casual, until they have a moment where the beat just kicks in, and suddenly the jam is action packed. After a while, the listener begins to anticipate this, and it just adds to the excitement and suspense. The project has several solid songs on it. Mikem Nahmir demonstrates some excellent songwriting and structuring ability on this release. He definitely has some skills and is a well rounded performer.
Thanks to “Criminal Threats” Mikem Nahmir enter through the front door among the artists you absolutely need to follow. 
Click HERE play right now to listen to it:


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