January already and we are looking for the freshest track to start the month on a perfect note. We are fortunate, we fell on the more exciting release for a few months, and he goes by the name of Magnif PonDiRiddim . We discovered Magnif PonDiRiddim with his latest “Romance”,

His latest offering entitled “Romance”, caught our attention from the first notes. We are not surprised to see that the talented artist already working with major label FeeltheVibes MusicGroup.

Not many people can create a large body of work that consistently retains the same high quality. That is what makes Magnif PonDiRiddim so impressive. Most musicians will have released all kinds of recordings, but much of it would consist of mediocre or terrible stuff they’d rather didn’t exist. In this case, he remarkably puts out a high volume of quality material, which even manages to span across genres.
 It’s totally “Danceable” as well and would work in an upscale club atmosphere or hotel bar. Upon continued listening, though I realized track is the one that really blows me away. It’s just the most cohesive in terms of the different musical elements working well together, and the melody is the most detailed and precise on the track.
That’s what I like about a lot of Magnif PonDiRiddim ’s songs. They have crossover appeal and would fit with a wide variety of environments and audiences,  This is another top tier release from Magnif PonDiRiddim. He shows dedication to his craft.
Check out the Music Video:


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