On this morning, we have everything that we need to end the weekend on the right foot. We discovered “Sirena”, by our band of the day Freq Motif a Music Brand formed in September 2020, by two Canadian producers, ). 

It releases songs in dancefloor, Latin, World music genres, and make people move and dance. Get ready to have a sunny moment, a good dose of vitamin D.

“Sirena” is catchy from start to finish. Excellent production, pop-infused with touches of trap beats, that’s a high-level quality that places the song among the greatest hit. We also appreciate the latin vibes! perfect vocal performance delivers modern melodies and addictive flow.

You would have understood it, “Sirena” will transport you to a warm, pleasant musical break. Thank you for this moment, Freq Motif  .

Listen to “Sirena” right now, and don’t be afraid to get addicted:


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