Our dream came true thanks to the dopest release of the day: “Macchiato” by the talented singer St. Geo.

From the first notes, we felt disconnected from reality thanks to the soothing voice that made us want to stay all day with St. Geo.

“Macchiato” is the first song from his latest album “Stomach” He’s not afraid to put his voice out front, and his delivery is solid enough to carry the song. The track is enhanced by strategically placed backing vocals and a synth-driven back hard beat produced by Selah Beats

The vocal pacing is quick and on point, contrasting nicely with the chill and atmospheric ambiance of the backing music. “Macchiato” is sleek and stylish, perfect music for a smooth, late-night drive in a slick ride.

 A lot of rappers can’t sing at all but St. Geo not only has the style, lyrical ability, and flow but St. Geo sings incredibly as well. He shows his range and artistic versatility throughout. 

The audio quality once again is top-notch. It actually sounds better than most of what you’d hear on the radio (from an artistic standpoint as well as content and production-wise.) I don’t know how these guys can put out so much material. It’s really coming together for them.

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