Dawson is one of our favorite artists of 2021 and thanks to his latest track entitled “Been Through”Featuring 808 Roit, he is on the right path for his musical career.

There are a few who undeniably stand out among the pack and keep their craft consistent. Dawson is an artist who has made a name for himself that is certain to ring bells, his presence in music is felt more with every stride he takes. Just within this last year, he has capitalized on his already impressive career.

There is absolutely no question that Dawson is in a category of his own, the way he manages to take on the artist side of the game. Then to be successful and truly skilled at his versatility among others trying to take the same path. Only a few people can genuinely perform this task and create music that is well put together.

 Nobody can put him in a box when it comes to anything musically. When you can adeptly, rap, and sing as he can, you’re unstoppable. That’s what makes a true musician, being capable of branching out into different pockets and sounds with ease. 

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