Our focus of the day is a singer that gave us hope in music again. Let us introduce you to M.Y.A. WRITER  and his amazing two version track “WORLDISAMESS”.

M.Y.A. WRITER’s delivery is straightforward, deliberate, and methodical. Rapping at a moderate-to-quick pace, he demonstrates excellent flow and timing. His deep voice contains an intensity that brings the listener to attention. What’s most noticeable though is that he raps for long periods of time without breaks. When this guy’s on a roll, he doesn’t come up for air. In terms of content, not a single second of this track is wasted. 
The beat slowly transforms into a delightfully ambient, ethereal musical over the course of the song. Ultimately, this is a loaded single that’s brimming with youthful energy. I recommend listening to this two version jam on a loop for the full effect, or if you happened to blink the first time around.
Production quality is top-tier, with a crystal clear mix treating us to maximum sonic quality. This track will really get you amped up, as it feels like you’re listening to it on a cranked up, high-end stereo. It’s incredibly catchy and just rocks.
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From “Worldisamess (Angel)” to “Wordisamess (Demon)”, the two version track is a whole experience coming from another planet. Dark and magical, beautiful musical chaos that catches all of your emotions.
M.Y.A. WRITER is from a poor community in Ontario, called 5 Field Sparroway. Since he grew up sheltered and spent most of his time inside the tight confines of an apartment building with a family of six (at the time), most of his childhood was devoted to creating his own stories. 
This was his first love, writing. He later fell into Physics major at his university. After not feeling satisfied with his major and finding out saddening news about his first real love interest, he began pursuing a path of true happiness for himself.
“WORLDISAMESS” is available on all major platforms. Follow M.Y.A. on Instagram to keep up with him and other future releases.
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