Trust me when I say that you will be hearing about Fr6nco for years to come. While I’ve known about him and loved his music for quite some time, I think many people will finally start to recognize him with what he’s been cooking up lately. “Spaceship Swervin” is his newest  song featuring 916 Frosty

These two artists flow perfectly together for a dreamlike track full of emotion and soul-resonating sounds. This is a big step and maybe a major catalyst to Fr6nco’s career. Not if but WHEN this song does his best numbers, fans will also hear his past songs that offer different elements but are just as great.

This track is flush with sensuality and smooth vibes. Production on this jam is really clean, with excellent sonic detail. Backed by a modest, colorful beat, the vocals are eloquent and fluid. The audio clarity on the voice is refreshing. 

There isn’t a bunch of unnecessary processing or autotune to ruin the ambiance. The singing is quite good actually and really elevates the song to another level. 

When the beat drops with punchy kicks it creates a bouncy sequence, unlike no other and jumpy energy. Listen now before this song and Fr6nco himself finally blow up.


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