Our artist of the month is one of a kind. He is  Unique, Talented, and Versatile. Above all, he is real and his songs are honest and from the soul combining art, story and song in perfect unison.: let us introduce you to Gleewos once again.

The multi-talented artist has just shared a new single: “Exotic”, a unique track unveiling a melodic-soul production built over infectious flow between hip-hop and chill-RnB. From a first listen, the track caught our attention as we felt immersed into real music, tinted by RnB and touches of pop music.

It’s almost a crime to classify Gleewos in one and unique genre, as his artistic signature is unique, eclectic, but authentic and pure. That’s what we call: art and creativity. With many great inspirations to account for in this soulful music like Gleewos brings his tunes to a different level.

And let’s be honest, in an area where artists tend to sound the same, we need changes! Our focus of the day comes at the perfect time and this musical drop has just saved our day and we don’t want you to miss this magnificent piece. 

Stream it now and enjoy:


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