Gukie Looks To Put His Stamp On The Industry With Lover Boy Deluxe Album


Music is a beautiful way to say even the saddest of things. It is through music an artist bares their soul to their listeners. With the rising popularity of social media, we’re seeing many musicians moving with the trends but also those who lose their relevance just like that. It takes something unique and truly inspiring to become timeless. Gukie is one such artist who creates music from his heart and connects with his audience on a deeper level.

Currently, Gukie is basking in the success of his album Lover Boy Deluxe Album (Released Feb 10th. It comprises unique musical tracks that offer RnB melodies cross-genre tunes in Gukie’s distinctive style. He has combined the electrifying energy of Rnb with hip-hop. The music is further enhanced by the use of natural sounds in the background. For instance, the transition from higher to more subtle notes is marked by the sound of breaking glass or the buzzing of a bee. This unique composition has led Lover Boy Deluxe to become a smashing hit across various social media platforms.

With the success that Gukie is seeing from his album, we are thrilled for what’s in store ahead. They look to continue to build off of this momentum and make moves to better his career in the process. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Lover Boy Deluxe Album, as I have a feeling, you’re going to be seeing his name quite often in the world of hip hop.

From start to finish, we have immersed into his feelings and sincerity in his interpretation.“Lover Boy Deluxe Album” is poignant, addictive, epic, leaving us speechless, we want more, it’s so good for the ears.

Stream Lover Boy Deluxe’s album on Spotify here.

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