“Road Less Traveled” is our best track of the day, thanks to Alex G Music.

The song unveils a perfect vocal performance and realization, dreamy and a bit nostalgic. The lyrical content is an interesting eye the song Inspired By Robert Frost’s Poem “The Road Not Taken”.

Sonically, it’s quite pleasing in its colorful, collage-like form. The song is ultimately carried by the exquisite vocals of an international soul singer, Alex G Music. His voice is dynamic and emotive, displaying an impressive range in both tone and feeling. He is also a superb singer technically, making it look way easier than it really is. 

Musically, the term “soul” gets thrown around a lot, but in my opinion, this music is truly soulful, as it is performed with incredible heart and with an energy that derives from someplace even deeper.

The song is an acoustic soulful gem unveiling attractive guitar melodies that match perfectly with Alex’s alluring vocals. Addictive from start to finish!

Believe us, “Road Less Traveled” will rock your heart and make you have a magnificent musical moment. We can’t wait to hear more from the promising Alex G Music and there is no doubt that he is going to have an interesting career. He is definitely among the greatest voices! Well done Alex!

Believe us, it won’t leave you indifferent and will make your whole week, so press play now:


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