Jeannie Mai & Jeezy Reveal Their 5-Month-Old Daughter for First Time


After Jeannie Mai and Jeezy welcomed their first child together in January, the couple have finally given fans a look at their 5-month-old daughter Monaco.

In a video uploaded to her YouTube account Hello Hunnay, Mai offered many glimpses of Monaco. “[This] might be the most exciting episode I’ve ever had here on Hello Hunnay. It’s time to share the most amazing, exciting, newest member of the Hello Hunnay family,” she opened the video above. “You’re going to meet someone very, very special in my life. Somebody new, somebody shiny, somebody who smells so good, like, five months old good.”

Mai admitted she was nervous to share photos and videos of her daughter, because she finds she gets “really scared, guarded, and protected” over her first child. Mai said she “wasn’t prepared” for postpartum depression, but she’s thankfully been able to cope now that she has a clearer understanding of it. “Now that I know what it is, I still get anxiety attacks, but I’m aware that it’s just a phase,” she added. 

The video includes adorable portions of Jeezy interacting with Monaco, who is his first child with Mai but fourth overall. Up until this point, Mai had been very secretive and protective of her. She did reveal Monaco’s sex and name in January, but this is the first time they’ve elected to show the world what she looks like.

Watch Mai introduce Monaco to her fans above.

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